Welcome to Community Counseling Services!

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Every life has its challenges. And when those challenges seem overwhelming, help is available at Community Counseling Services. Talking about feelings with friends, family, mentor or spiritual advisor can often make you feel better – but many times you need the guidance and help of an experienced professional therapist. For over 40 years, Community Counseling Services has provided a broad array of professional services to individuals from preschool through late adulthood.

Services include individual and group counseling, marriage and family counseling, psychological, personality, and intellectual evaluations, psychiatric treatment, and medication management.

CCS offers help to persons who find it hard to cope with stress, depression, substance abuse and violence; couples having marital problems; parents having trouble dealing with their children; and children and adolescents faced with family difficulties and peer pressure.

At CCS, we’re available to help you and your family cope with life’s inevitable challenges.



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